Bloodlust Part 3

Bloodlust | January 14, 2018

I recall the time when a handful of settlers decided to make this land their home, just a handful of farmers, herders and blacksmiths banded together to make this village a reality, and succeed they did; the village now thrives and has been experiencing an explosion in numbers. People were content with isolation and wanted to distance themselves from politics and be free of any skirmish. The fate of all this effort painstakingly put in over so many years lies in my hands.


The first houses were built with wood and straw that the farmers had in tow during their journey to settle down here. With our houses built, we started rearing animals and farming rice. The blacksmiths helped with the production and maintenance of our tools in that time. After we achieved self-sufficiency we had room for more; we were still hungry, not for food, but rather for prosperity, and shifted our attention to helping our blacksmiths out with their trade and acquisition of materials. Over the years a sense of community and trust developed within the settlement. Everyone was helping each other out, smiling while doing it.

I can confidently say that we were the most peaceful village of that time—We were one.


… It was wonderful…


However, as time passed and peace adorned the eastern region, their hunger for knowledge and prosperity did not, and gradually started to move out of their comfort zones and explore. And as people travel around to discover our little village, they decide to settle down here to relish our air of positivity among us with plenty of food and resources that we built over the years. Soon the population grew to a point where we can barely feed everyone full meals every day. The original settlers started smiling less with all the burden that was put on them. The newcomers contribute close to nothing towards the community and exist as mere parasites to the community, putting a burden on already strained resources and sowing discord into our very fibre.


The yearning to ease the burden on the original settlers and return the village and its smiles back grew.


… I must cull the village…

… I must kill the worthless migrants…

You don’t have to.

… A voice...? Who are you…?

Your wish is my command.

… Thank you….


…What happened? I remembered waking up and walking towards the kitchen… Ah, so that’s what is happening…

“Start running! It’s a pseudo-vampire!”

That voice… it must be Miss Karen. Ol’ farmer Bill must be with her as well… It’s too late now.

I beg your forgiveness… People of Koi.

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