Bloodlust Part 4

Bloodlust | January 14, 2018

“Inform the people that they must stay in their homes during the dark. And prepare multiple light sources as a deterrence.”


“Yes, Miss Karen”, replied the farmer. “I’ll try my best.”


That was our entire conversation as we headed back into town and parted.

After the skirmish with the pseudo-vampire, we spent the entire morning burying the dead village chief. I have decided to spend the day looking around the village since the pseudo-vampire is not likely to return till dusk, and besides, it’s lunchtime, I’m famished.


As I was walking through the village centre finding a place to settle down and eat, I felt a tap on my shoulder.


“Yes?”, I asked while turning around.


Caught off guard! Too late! I was in someone’s arms.


“Karen! Long-time no see!”, exclaimed the man who was hugging me.


That voice…! I haven’t heard that cheerful and distinct voice in years, not since he graduated from my mentor.


“Sakaki?! Is that you?! Sakaki Sakurai?!”, I shouted as my heart skipped a beat from realizing who the hugger is.


“You remembered!” He cheered and took a step back. “You’ve grown into a fine young woman!”


I take a step back as well so as have a better look at his mug, a man smiling, eyes of uneven hue, pink on the left and red on the right and holding a Katana as his Will. Yep, he’s definitely the Sakaki Sakurai I know.


“And you’ve grown…older?” I shot back with sass, looking smug.


We used to make fun of each other. I can say that we’re childhood friends and he is one of the few people that I fully trust.


“Ha-ha… Very funny… I’m just two years your senior. Current twenty-three by the way…!” He replied while mockingly staring me down for making fun of his age.


I chuckled at him as he said that.


After that brief exchange, we decided to have lunch together at the inn he is staying in to catch up and to tell him about the event that has transpired this morning.


“Vampires, huh?”, he said. “And just when I was about to relax from walking a long way. Well, with us, it should be easy. Right?


I nodded. Killing a pseudo-vampire is difficult, finding one is even more so. As students of Fuji, my mentor, say we certainly have ways of drawing them out.

As we wait for night, we decide to spend the time on the hill I spent the previous day watching over the village.

As dusk approaches, we decided to hang a dead sheep on top of the fountain at the village centre and sit around to wait for the pseudo-vampire to appear.


“This is boring…! We’ve been waiting for 2 hours!” Sakaki moaned.


“Shhh! Can’t see in the dark? Look up!”  I hushed him and pointed towards the sky.


That is definitely not a shadow… he whispered with the expression of awe on his face.

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