The second arc of Karma which focuses on the collectivisation policy of the Southern Region.

Collectivisation Part 15

Collectivisation | March 15, 2018

“What is your name, dear?” “… K-Karen…” “Karen…?” “… Tomach.” “Sigh, that’s what I thought… Damn it, Rin.” That is the first question my mentor asked me after clearing the village of chimeras and saving me. “Can’t she come with us?” That’s right, it was Sakaki who suggested that.

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Collectivisation Part 14

Collectivisation | March 13, 2018

Sakaki and I have been unsuccessful in stopping the Gashadokuro… Our battle has brought us from the orphanage to the town hall, where the party is currently being held. The Gashadokuro is strong. In fact, it has the strength of everyone it had collected, both physical and mental, along with

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Collectivisation Part 13

Collectivisation | March 11, 2018

“Mrs. Beet! Mrs Beet!” I shouted as loud as I could while sprinting towards the door of the orphanage. The Gashadokuro might have ignored us before we attacked it, but there is no telling whether it will ignore the orphanage. The children are victims of the famine and are lucky

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Collectivisation Part 12

Collectivisation | March 01, 2018

Today’s the day where Eva’s plan is put into action. I wonder what Nadiah is going to do, nothing violent, I hope. I decided to spend my time before the start of the operation at the orphanage. Sakaki didn’t follow because he thought he’d spend his

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Collectivisation Part 11

Collectivisation | February 25, 2018

This part will be written in Nadiah’s perspective. Today is the day. The day my home will be saved. People are streaming into the town hall at this very moment. All of them were invited to this dinner party that Eva, a dear friend that I’ve known for

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Collectivisation Part 10

Collectivisation | February 21, 2018

Iris held my hand on our way back to the orphanage. “How was she?”, the middle-aged woman asked. “She’s smart. We had fun.” I replied. “I’ll see you around again, Iris!”. I waved goodbye to here. She returned the wave energetically and exclaimed “Yeah!” “So, you’ve been

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Collectivisation Part 9

Collectivisation | February 16, 2018

We have finally arrived at the granary after about a ten-minute walk. I told Iris to stay outside while I count the sacks of grain that is in the wooden structure. Surprisingly, it is unguarded. With what is happening in the region, I would expect at least some security stationed

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Collectivisation Part 8

Collectivisation | February 15, 2018

“Could you do me a favour, sweetheart? Go to the other side of town and check up on the granary for me, will you?”, that was the task given to me by Eva. Sakaki was tasked to check up on the meat stores, so I agreed to help her. … That

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Collectivisation Part 7

Collectivisation | January 25, 2018

I am speechless… After all the fiasco in the pub, here I am, in the same bed with my back facing Sakaki. After Eva passed out drunk on our dinner table, we, specifically Sakaki, dragged her back to our room in the inn. We didn’t know where she is

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Collectivisation Part 6

Collectivisation | January 14, 2018

Nadiah and I proceeded to find a table to settle down. With all the commotion about, the famine doesn’t seem to apply to this particular part of the region. The corrupt and rich live off whatever they stole. Where, particularly, did they source their food from? From the farmers

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