The Boy Who is Figuratively Transparent
The Boy Who is Figuratively Transparent Part 1

It is a fine Wednesday morning on the Eastern Region of the country Raven Heart. The season is spring as winter had ended just two weeks ago.

In the edge of a small quiet town of Shu was an orphanage where a girl is living. The girl is not an orphan,

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Family Part 4

Chisa is the capital city of the Eastern Region. That is our destination after resting in Tzeoki for the day, but there is an unexpected change in our plan. We are now in a cart on our way to the estate of Sakaki’s father.

Sakaki’s father is the financial minister of

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Nadiah & Eva

My name is Nadiah Morah. I’m from the Southern Region of Raven Heart – a country that spans the entire continent. This is the story of how I met my best and lifelong friend, Eva Hearth.

I was 18 years old, having just started attending the Western Institute of Magecraft. It

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Family Part 3

“Stay here.” Sakaki said and start walking towards the crowd.

As Sakaki made his way through the crowd, my curiosity got the better of me. I disregarded what he said and trailed him, passing through the same crowd while carrying Iris in my arms. While moving, I could hear gossips being

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Family Part 2

We entered an establishment called “Ren’s Yakiniku”, a restaurant which specialises in eastern barbeque cuisine. The same restaurant that my mentor and I ate in two years ago. The food is not cheap, and it’s one of the more popular outlets in the entire town. But, the eats on the

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Family Part 1

A few days after the events that had transpired at Temp Pines in the Southern Region, Sakai and I left the town, bringing along our new companion, the four-year-old girl named Iris.
Though, it is not really his companion, but mine. He was originally sceptical of the idea of bringing a

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Collectivisation Part 15

“What is your name, dear?”
“… K-Karen…”
“… Tomach.”
“Sigh, that’s what I thought… Damn it, Rin.”
That is the first question my mentor asked me after clearing the village of chimeras and saving me.
“Can’t she come with us?”
That’s right, it was Sakaki who suggested that.
“She could, but you’re in charge of taking care

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Collectivisation Part 14

Sakaki and I have been unsuccessful in stopping the Gashadokuro… Our battle has brought us from the orphanage to the town hall, where the party is currently being held.
The Gashadokuro is strong.
In fact, it has the strength of everyone it had collected, both physical and mental, along with the willpower

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Collectivisation Part 13

“Mrs. Beet! Mrs Beet!” I shouted as loud as I could while sprinting towards the door of the orphanage.
The Gashadokuro might have ignored us before we attacked it, but there is no telling whether it will ignore the orphanage. The children are victims of the famine and are lucky enough

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Collectivisation Part 12

Today’s the day where Eva’s plan is put into action. I wonder what Nadiah is going to do, nothing violent, I hope.
I decided to spend my time before the start of the operation at the orphanage. Sakaki didn’t follow because he thought he’d spend his time somewhere else. I learned

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