Bloodlust Part 2

Bloodlust | January 14, 2018

The old farmer bolted an about turn, placing his trust in me. The pseudo-vampire dropped the limp village chief on the ground and leapt towards him with speed like lightning. However, we were at the other side of the door, with that small of a gap, I had enough time to prepare for a counter attack.


My hands reached into the sleeves of my Haori to pull out two sets of twenty-four-fold fans.


“Halt the aberration.”,I whispered to the folding fans as I swing them toward the ground and falling on one knee.


The power imbued in the fans created an impenetrable barrier of air around the old farmer and myself. The demon that lunged at us was sharply deflected by the barrier and its momentum repaid behind us.


The shadowy figure falls to the gravel pavement in front of the house, 10 feet away from the door. No sound was made whatsoever when it fell, no dust stirred, no markings were left on the pavement. It had no mass but simply a lump of shadow that was in a shape of a person.


As the barrier of wind wore off, I swung one of the fans towards the creature to throw a blade of wind that swings towards it, slashing an arm off the pseudo-vampire.


It let out a deafening shriek as the current of air flows back in the direction towards us. The old farmer has both hands on his ear shaking uncontrollably and eyes teary.


“Begone, spawn of a demon!”, I bellowed as I struck it again. The creature lets out a final scream, with the same effect of its previous one and melts into the ground like ice.


With the danger is now gone, I let a sigh of relief. A pseudo-vampire. This is gonna be a hassle….

“Uh…hu…hu…that pink folding fan with the clouds….”, asked the old farmer with acute anxiety. “Do you happen to be the Wind Maiden of the East?”

“No.”, I replied. “Just a student to a very loving mentor.”


We walk back into the chief’s house; his cold body lay on the floor with his back facing up and his neck riddled with punctures.

Before the old farmer is able to turn his body over, I said, “We’re too late, he’s gone now. Do not look at him.” I pleaded.


I proceed to investigate the bedroom to investigate on what has already transpired. The bed is undone. Food is uncooked and on the table. The conclusion – He was killed by the pseudo-vampire right before we arrived at his doorstep.


“What’s a pseudo-vampire?”, enquired the farmer, “and how can it roam in broad daylight?”


Pseudo-vampire manifests as lesser beings of a true vampire, a minion, a slave that toils to ensure the survival of their master and will scrounge the land for sustenance in broad daylight if they must.


A true vampire on the other hand…is commuted to this very world when a human develops a lust for blood, as the saying goes. The intention of the originator, who caused the vampire’s existence, is to kill everyone that he sees while suppressing their intention; the lust of blood spawned a vampire.


I must find the originator….

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