Compassion - Prologue

A few days after the incident had taken place in the Sandstone Citadel, a man whose skin is a tad tanned and his body is naked less the brown robe that is wrapped around his waist and hung over his shoulders approached Sakaki.

A monk…?

Indeed, a monk had approached Sakaki on

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Citadel II
Citadel II Part 5

Shadows are cast in a wide area and in a steep angle, signifying the sun is setting when the attack is happening.

Meanwhile on the other corner of the ballroom, Arthur Nebula and Bisque Kyt have their backs against each other. Eight chimeras surround them in every direction; a typical scenario

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Citadel II
Citadel II Part 4

“Kuh-” blood sprayed across the smooth granite floor from her continuous cough and in the middle of the puddle is Karen kneeling. Her haori dyed red with blood and still holding her fans, unwilling to let it go despite the pain that she is currently experiencing.

“Whatever you do, never let

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Citadel II
Citadel II Part 3

A dragon?!

Yes, a dragon. But, does a dragon look like a snake with wings fitted on its back and floating in the sky? The appropriate answer is no. The creature that is above the ballroom flapping its wings is in fact a chimera. A chimera that is made to imitate

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Citadel II
Citadel II - Part 2

The group now consisting of Karen, Iris and Sakaki with Elizabeth tagging along made their way into he ballroom which is built like the library with the efficient ventilation system and gigantic open spaces. In those giant spaces, there are rows of tables lined with food from high grade beef

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Citadel II
Citadel II - Part 1

In front of Karen stood two metal doors which separates the outdoors into an enormous room that is housed within a monumental sandstone tower. She put strength into her arms to open the doors and was greeted by shelves of books and vast areas of open spaces and tables. Stairs

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Citadel I
Citadel I - Part 3

“That is one way to put it. But you don’t remember anything at the time, but your ability is still there. Perhaps we will never know what you had experienced.”

_Unable to remember what I was before the incident… How was my life like with my parents? It just feels wrong.

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Citadel I
Citadel I - Part 2

“… Very well,” said the councilman doing the greetings, “Ahem, we have received a report about how you managed to neutralize the Shade at Yukari… And not turning into one yourself by picking up, from what I’ve been told, two Wills. Is that true?”

All eyes are on Karen as she

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Citadel I
Citadel I - Part 1

The Sandstone Citadel – a place located in the desert central region of the country which spans an entire continent. It is where the Karmic Harmony is operating from. Being isolated from any settlements, the environment serves as a way to deter any outside influence as the organization is not

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Will Part 8

The fight is over, the Shade is defeated, and the featureless creature is nowhere to be seen. So why is Karen being told to stay where she is and drop Sakaki’s Will? Well, for one, she had held two Wills that does not belong to her in a span of

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