Citadel I
Citadel I - Part 1

The Sandstone Citadel – a place located in the desert central region of the country which spans an entire continent. It is where the Karmic Harmony is operating from. Being isolated from any settlements, the environment serves as a way to deter any outside influence as the organization is not

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Will Part 8

The fight is over, the Shade is defeated, and the featureless creature is nowhere to be seen. So why is Karen being told to stay where she is and drop Sakaki’s Will? Well, for one, she had held two Wills that does not belong to her in a span of

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Will Part 7

The girl finally looked back as the dust finally begins to settle and her tiny heart stopped when she saw the demon holding her mother by the head.
Iris bit her lips. Her emotions on what is transpiring is welled up inside her. Though what she is feeling may be exaggerated

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Will Part 6

“But he’s just a kid!” Karen argued.

“He is no longer a kid, he’s a demon now,” Arthur rebutted as he thrusts his Zweihänder towards the Shade.

The main group now consisting of Karen, Sakaki, Iris, Arthur and Howard’s Will, distanced themselves from the Shade after the figure had excused himself saying

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Will Part 5

The dust starts to settle, and in it revealed a figure holding against its own against the attack that Howard’s puppet armor had thrusted upon it. The figure stood there without an attire, and under the candle-lit street the audience consisting of Karen, Sakaki, Arthur, Iris, the boy, Elizabeth and

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Will Part 4

“Stay behind me at all times!” Karen instilled into Iris as previously, she had wandered off on her own and the worse had befallen her. However, this time, both Karen and Sakaki are there to look after her. The more the merrier, isn’t it?

Iris is giddy as she can finally

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Will Part 3

The first night in the town of Yukari, Howard, Elizabeth, and the travelling group went to dinner together and they clarified that the grave that was dug back in the chimera attack in Chisa belonged to a Karma, and in it is supposed to be a body and a sealed

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Will Part 2

“Wha… What are you doing here?!” Sakaki shrieked, “Karen, you know her?!”

Surprised at seeing Elizabeth right in front of him, his voice started to stutter, and his body breaks out into a cold sweat. He had left Karen their mentor Fuyutsuki to travel with Elizabeth and her team for a

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Will Part 1

Wills are weapons manifested from the human consciousness tailored specifically to exterminate demons. They are weapons that are conjured from an individual’s will to complete a task, hence the name and one of the ways to obtain one would be for an individual to have an agenda, say to enact

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The Boy Who is Figuratively Transparent
The Boy Who is Figuratively Transparent Part 5

“Please, continue,” Karen said after Iris had went upstairs to harass her father.

Karen, Howard and Elizabeth were in the middle of a discussion when Iris had budged loudly into the house, worrying if something had happened her mother and sisters while she was in school. Her family is everything to

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