Onward Part 2

After Karen requested that Sakakki teach Iris on the appropriate ways to control her own Will, she proceeded to prepare for lunch as noon is soon upon them.

Sakakki hadn’t known about Iris’ Will, so he had her project it to gauge her current mastery of it, however little. Why couldn’t

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The Boy Who is Figuratively Transparent
The Boy Who is Figuratively Transparent Part 3

“What are you doing here…?” Iris questioned the boy who sat atop the rock, staring without thought at what’s in front of him. The waterfall has been a personal place for Iris herself and not many people had wandered in looking for a specific natural formation.

“…? I just found this

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Onward Part 1

After the events that happened in the outskirts of Chisa, Elizabeth and Howard wanted to bring Iris to the Karmic Harmony council immediately as she had conceived of a special will; a conceptual weapon. A conceptual weapon is a classification of Will that outranks every other. The very creation of

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Surprise Part 3

It is now dusk and the trio consisting of Karen Tomach, Howard Rheinmetall and Elizabeth Feldt. Iris was told to stay in the inn as it is dangerous. Howard had told Karen that there might be many Barghests around, so it wouldn’t be wise for her to tag along.

“Stay here.

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Surprise Part 2

“Wait…” Karen was genuinely confused, “You… Have an accent?!”

When Howard first appeared in Temp Pines to relay a message for both Karen and Sakakki that in a month time, the Karmic Harmony will hold a conference for an urgent matter. At the time, she didn’t notice any tone in his

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Surprise Part 1

“Iris…?” Karen whispered, concerned with that is happening at a corner of the room that she had rented in an inn.

There are two single-sized beds in the room, one close to the door while the other is close to a window that overlooks the street that the inn is on.

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Alone Part 3

Sakaki spent many years travelling with Fuji and Karen around Raven Heart. Gaining knowledge on how to defeat demons and occasionally having fun.

He quickly warmed up to Karen after the events of the village, being the one who was always tasked to take care of her. At two years Karen’s

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Alone Part 2

For the next few months under the tutelage of Fuyutsuki Fuji, Sakaki managed to encounter a few demons. From simple creatures like goblins which spawn from greed to rarer demons like low level vampires. With great concentration and guidance from his mentor, he managed to conjure his weapon very quickly

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Alone Part 1

It’s been a day since Sakaki had left Karen and Iris in the city of Chisa. Although he fancied the company of his dear friend, he asked to be left alone after hearing the news that his mother is no longer alive.

None of her belongings were left behind. There is

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Family Part 5

Oh, right! Sakaki’s father is right in front of us. Where is his mother? It took us awhile to get to the office and we hadn’t seen anyone but servants.

“After all these years, you’re still thinking of her?” Nao answered.

“Where is she?”

Nao shook his head and said, “she’s gone.”

Sakaki’s face

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