Story Arcs

Karen is a Karma, a traveling demon hunter. This is the story of her journey experiencing different cultures, traditions and meeting people of different ideologies and backstories in the country of Raven Heart.

Artwork was done by Chi.
Note: Arcs 1 to 3 (Bloodlust, Collectivisation, and Family) are written in first-person while the rest are in third.

1. Bloodlust

The first and introductory arc to Karma.

2. Collectivisation

The second arc of Karma which focuses on the collectivisation policy of the Southern Region.

3. Family

The third arc of Karma. Travelling back to the Eastern Region, Karen learns more about her long-time partner, Sakaki.

4. Alone

Sakaki's time alone thinking through what had happened.

5. Surprise

Karen discovers a hidden potential in Iris.

6. Onward

The gang reunites to begin their journey to the Karmic Harmony Headquarters.

7. Will

Wills are powerful weapons, but they are not for everyone. The group will confront a Shade, whose soul and body is consumed by a Will.

8. Citadel I

Karen and Iris were brought to the Karmic Harmony council.

9. Citadel II

The Karmic Harmony gathering starts and the mysterious figure appears to collect Karen.

10. Compassion

Final arc for Karen's main story. Who is the mysterious figure and what are his motivations?