This is a world where any ill intent conceived by an individual will spawn from the hells a demon that shall roam the land. Most of them physically interfering with anything of interest to them apathetic to the well-being of others.

To contain this threat, humans developed magic. However, as it is said, only to “contain” said demons. To truly kill them would require special weaponry crafted from the sheer grit of a particular group of individuals. They who are able to craft such weapons are called Karma – bringing retribution to the demons whom had brought with the chaos and the slightest reprieve to this very world.

“Hey wake up.” Someone whispered. “Wake up, it’s sunrise.”
I open my eyes and was dazzled by a ray of light from the heavens. “I must’ve fell asleep while keeping watch on the town last night.” I thought to myself.

“Miss Karen, did you see anything interesting last night?” asked the old farmer who woke me up from my sleep.
“Not until before I fall asleep. Are you sure it is what the village chief thinks it is?” I enquired.

I sat up and beneath me is a small rural village. I was tasked to with vigil for the village atop this hill last night as the village has been experiencing “unnatural” phenomenon over the past few weeks.
The village was already bustling with people who are running their early morning errands as the sun continued to rise.

“I’m sure it is. Come on, we have to meet the village chief.” Said the farmer.

I donned the white Haori that I folded and laid down before I fell asleep and begin walking down the hill towards the village with the old farmer.
The place appears to be a lot bigger than the typical village, and can almost be classified as a town, but as I have heard, the chief did not want the village such designation upon it since it will lose the sense of “community” that he painstakingly built up over many decades.

I have met the chief the day before. He was an old and thoughtful man. He invited me into his home for dinner to talk about my journey to the village.
He knows that I am a Karma and asked for my assistance to save the village. I agreed.

Walking through the village center, everyone was smiling at me as I passed by. I returned an awkward smile towards the crowd.

As we closed in on the village chief’s house, dread penetrated deep into me. I look towards my left and the old farmer appeared disturbed as well. I quickly finish the bread that I have bought as breakfast from the village center and hastily quicken my pace.
Despite the old and fragile look, the old farmer matched my walking speed with no issue. He must be worried about the village chief as well.
But from my experience, this feeling of “dread” is no good a sign as a Karma.

We arrive at the doorstep of the chief’s house. It is respectful to knock, but with the sense of dread that hangs around me, I ignored custom to open and barged in. Doors flung wide open.
As the door swings open, the old farmer’s facial expression changes from exhausted to terrified of what’s on the other side.

There is no blood, no sound and no living being to look at. Just a black shadowy humanoid creature holding the chief by his neck in its mouth. Its red, gleaming with red eyes darted towards us.

“Good heavens! How did it get here in broad daylight?!” exclaimed the old farmer fearfully.

“Start running! It’s a pseudo vampire!” I shouted at him as I prepared myself for what’s to come.

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