“Start running! It’s a pseudo vampire!” I shouted at the old farmer while bracing myself for what’s to come.
As the frenzied farmer made an about turn and ran for it, the pseudo-vampire drops the limp village chief on the ground and leaps towards him like lightning. However, we were on the other side of the door, with that small enough of a gap, I had enough time to prepare for a counter attack.

My hands reached into the sleeves of my Haori to pull out two twenty four-fold folding fans.

“Evil be at bay” I whispered to the folding fans as I swing them in a downward motion towards the ground while kneeling on one of my legs.

The power imbued in the fan spawned an impenetrable barrier of air surrounding both of us. The demon lunged at us in vain was deflected by the barrier and its momentum breaking the laws of physics was simply transferred through our bodies to be dissipated behind us.

The shadowy figure fell to the gravel pavement in front of the house, five yards away from the door in absolute silence, no dust stirred, no trace left. It had no mass, just a lump of shadow an eerie humanoid.

As the protective barrier of wind died down, I swung one of the fan towards the creature to conjure a blade of air slashing towards it. The invisible blade slashed through an arm off the pseudo-vampire.

It let out a deafening scream as a current of air flows back in the direction towards us. The old farmer aghast with both hands on his ears trembling uncontrollably, eyes teary.

“Begone, spawn of hell!” I bellowed. As I readied another swing of the fan, the creature let out a final scream, with the same effect of its previous one as it melted into the ground like snow melting.

As the danger is now gone, I heaved a deep sigh. A pseudo-vampire. This is gonna be a hassle…
“Uh… Hu… Hu… That pink folding fan with the clouds…” enquired the awed old farmer gingerly, “Are you by chance, the Wind Maiden of the East?”
“No.” I replied, “Just a student to a very loving mentor.”

We walked back into the chief’s house, his body laid on the floor face down and his neck punctured with a deep set of bite marks.
I stopped the old farmer before he could turn him around. “We’re too late, he’s dead. I suggest not to look at him.”

In order to learn more about what has transpired, I proceed to investigate his bedroom. The bed was not made. In the kitchen food uncooked but fresh on the table. The conclusion – He was killed by the pseudo-vampire right before we arrive at his doorstep.

“What’s a pseudo-vampire?” enquired the farmer, “And how did it roam around in broad daylight?”.
“A pseudo-vampire is a servant of a true vampire. It has a fraction of the characteristics of a true vampire, thus able to roam around in broad daylight to collect blood for its parent.” I replied.

A true vampire on the other hand… It was brought to this world when a human develops a lust for blood, as the saying goes. The intention of the originator is to kill everyone that he sees, but is suppressing said intention. Suppressing the lust of blood spawned a vampire.

I have to find the originator…