The village flourished an unprecedented pace with no sign of abating. I recalled the time when it was just a handful of people who, one day decided to start a settlement in this very land. A handful of farmers, herders, craftsmen and smiths placed their faith in me to lead them a life of prosperity in these hilly lands, away from politics, violence and persecution. We wanted our lives spent, the world oblivious to our existence.

The first houses were built with wood and straw the farmers carried on their journey. With our houses built we started rearing animals and farming crops like rice that will sustain us. The smiths and craftsmen helped build and maintained of our tools.

Once we were able to feed ourselves and with room for more, our attention went to helping our blacksmiths out with their trade and acquisition of materials.

There was a sense of community within the settlement. The population jubilant and helpful, and our hearts were one. I can confidently say that we made the most peaceful village of that time.

It was truly wonderful indeed….

Peace settled on the Eastern region with time. The people developed courage a thirst for adventure and word of our little village spread, with admiration for the community spirit the village beamed began to settle down to embrace the resources we painstakingly built for so long.

What was a mere trickle into our village soon turned to a proverbial deluge that showed no sign of abating. The village swelled and resources were stretched paper thin and it reached a point where there just wasn’t enough to go around for everyone. The pioneers started smiling less with the strain that was put on them. They didn’t ask for this. It wasn’t fair.

The new arrivals cost the village more than they bring, and they treat this place like holiday resort with the exception that someone would clean after them. There are few ways to offset the burden on the village and to bring back the smiles. Desperation grew in these pioneers an outcome they do not deserve.

… I must cull them….
“You don’t have to.”
… I must rid the worthless ….
… A voice…? Who are you…?
“Your wish is my command; your bloodlust.”
… Thank you….

… What happened? I remembered waking up and walking towards the kitchen… Ah, so that’s what is happening….
“Start running! It’s a pseudo-vampire!”
That voice… It must be Miss Karen. The ol’ farmer Bill must be with her as well… It’s far too late now.
I’m so sorry… People of Koi.

edited 25sep18