… It is definitely not a shadow anymore. The creature is now in its second form – A giant bat-like creature with a wingspan as huge as a village house. With the moon behind the creature, we can clearly see overall shape of it as it circles around the village centre, with it’s glowing blood-red eyes trained on the sheep atop the fountain. The vampire is attracted to the dead – immobile sheep because it is the easiest target to subjugate.
As we are hiding in the alley between the houses that surrounds the village centre, we remain out of sight and undetected, while having full view on the creature’s movements.

“Now that the vampire is in its second form, it must’ve killed the originator. But who is it?”, Sakaki asked.
I know who it originated from. “It’s the village chief.”, I whispered. “Everything makes sense now. Why the chief doesn’t want to change the status of the village into a town.”

“The chief? Why?” he asked.

“Because he doesn’t want to leave the past behind.” I replied. He’d rather kill the migrants than have them contribute to the betterment of the village.
“Okay, let’s focus on the matter at hand now.” He said to break my train of thought. “If what you said is true, then the second form is as fresh as the fish we had for lunch.”

“Easy to take down at ground level.” I said as I looked at him and nodded.

The creature finally decides to commit to the hunt after a few minutes of circling in the air over the dead sheep. It positioned itself at a direct trajectory towards its prey, flapped its wings one last time with a huge amount of force and heads in for a dive.
With the pink coloured and white cloud-like insignia accented twenty-four-fold folding fans I have on my hands, I commanded it to propel me forwards with outstanding force with a swing towards my back. The sudden thrust of air almost blew my companion away, but he is smart enough to grab a hold of something before I make it happen.

Right before vampire could grab the sheep with its mouth, I am able to arrive at my destination at the same time to deliver a powerful fistful to the left side of the creature and send it flying towards the direction of my punch before it crashes into a grocery store that is thankfully cleared out at our request.
“FIST BURGER DELIVERY!” I shouted towards the crash site with my arms akimbo and smiling heartily.
“You sure are ballsy for someone who has no balls!” Sakaki shouted from the alley that we were hiding in.

“Grrr…!!” a loud and low-sounding growl can be heard from the crash site, no, much closer. I turn around to face it but was met with the creature, jumping towards me in a straight line with its mouth open, ready to grab my neck. My right arm instinctively moved up to my neck to block the impending attack, and was successful in blocking the assault.

“Tch… No refunds on the burgers.”, I said as I clicked my tongue, thinking that I was too careless.

The creature has my right arm in its mouth, however, its teeth is unable to penetrate my Haori. “Please don’t ruin it”, I thought.

“You alright?” my companion shouted, having done nothing yet.

“Yea! Hey! Do you wanna do something or what?” I shouted back.

“Hah, you seem to be doing all the work and leaving none for me!”

“Then why don’t you eat this!”, I said as I use immense strength on my left hand to pry the creature’s mouth open, grab it, and throw it towards my useless “partner”.

“Whoa, whoa WHOA!” he shouted, starting to panic, seeing what I have just use my energy throwing at him – a deadly vampire, as a joke.

Sakaki took a step back, formed a firm stance and unsheathes his Katana in an elegant fashion. The blade of his weapon is unlike any other, instead of a silvery-coloured metal, unsheathing the Katana from its scabbard reveals a blade that is not blood red, but what is similar in colour and texture as red-tinted glass.

In one swift motion, he sliced the creature in half from its head to abdomen as it passes through him with blood splashing on both sides of the wall in the alley.

“Phew, that was close.”, he said as he sheathes his Katana. “You almost gave me a heart attack! I can’t die this young!”

“Our mentor does this to you all the time, it’s almost muscle memory for you at this point.”, I retorted with my tongue out as I walked towards him, “I guess we have to wait till dawn before we can dispose of the body.”

“Yea… Man, I never knew the Haori you were wearing since you’re a kid is actually a Will.” He said as he looked at my attire.

“I never knew that it was until our mentor told me either.”, I replied with a smiling poker face.

“But those folding fans. Does that mean our mentor…”?

“Yes, two years after you graduated.”, I said with a solemn and yet sad expression.

Sakaki patted my head with a smile and said something that I’ve been wanting to hear from him, “You hold her Will now, be proud.”, an acknowledgement from a senior.

Dawn approaches and we pulled the two pieces of the vampire onto the village centre to bask it in sunlight. It lit up in flames and the ashes were dispersed into the air in a matter of minutes as the villagers cheered for us.

“You know”, Sakaki said, “I think the village chief is good at heart, he was just caught up in the moment.”

I gave myself a minute smile as I thought about what he said.