The Sandstone Citadel – a place located in the desert central region of the country which spans an entire continent. It is where the Karmic Harmony is operating from. Being isolated from any settlements, the environment serves as a way to deter any outside influence as the organization is not under any government jurisdiction. Although regional governments may contract an individual Karma, many of them chose not to be tied down with bureaucracy and maintain autonomy in their line of work.

The Sandstone Citadel is as the name implied; a grand structure built of sandstone by craftsmen many generations ago. The structure is surrounded by a circular perimeter wall and inside is four buildings with sharp roofs attempting to pierce the heavens. Each built to serve a purpose, the one that is closest to the main gate of the citadel consists of the marble ballroom, followed by the resting quarters and trade, then the library and finally, the Karmic Harmony council.

At this time, Karen, Iris and Sakaki is brought forth to the Karmic Harmony council a week ahead of the gathering for the events that had transpired where Karen was able to wield a Will that she had no prior experience with, or even trained for without any repercussions that anyone else would have had.

The council consists of five people. Four of which Karen didn’t bother to remember as she figured that they are too decrepit for the benefit of the organisation and the fifth, is the alleged mentally lopsided conceptual weapon user, Bisque Kyt.

The trio standing before the five councilmen, solemn in their posture and etiquette, except for Iris. The curious youngling swung her legs while she sat on the chair and her attention was focused on the minimalistic room with the granite floor and marble roof.

“Miss Karen, it has been awhile since you had come before the council,” one of the gray councilmen started.

“Yes sir, the last time I was here, it was to report of my mentor’s passing.”

“I have heard that you have taken up your old name, Tomach.”

“That is true.”

A basic greeting for the subject that is tradition.

“Kekaskdsd no need for formalities you old dolts. Just get to your bloody agendas jajajsdadasd!” Bisque Kyt intervened.