“… Very well,” said the councilman doing the greetings, “Ahem, we have received a report about how you managed to neutralize the Shade at Yukari… And not turning into one yourself by picking up, from what I’ve been told, two Wills. Is that true?”

All eyes are on Karen as she is expected a brisk answer.

“Yes,” an apt answer as she did pick up a late Karma’s Will as well as Sakaki.

The elders of the councilmen began to whisper amongst themselves. But of what? Fuyutsuki Fuji told of her predictions to the council. The council wouldn’t know if she had told Karen of her potential, if it actually exists or not. They had doubted what Fuji had said as throughout historical records, there are hypothesis regarding similar powers, but much of it came up empty.

But since Karen is in the presence of the council at this very moment, their queries can be answered.

“Did Fuyutsuki Fuji ever tell you about your potential power?”

“Not directly, no. Although, she did ask me every now and again if I remembered the dream I had. I still can’t remember it… Is that connected somehow?”

“Yhahaskdea, according to the book of the Three Deities of Destruction, there is a writing of such a power, though just briefly,” Bisque Kyt quoted from a book he had read from the Citadel’s library.

“C-councilman Kyt! You musn’t-“

“Nu-uh-uh-uh,” he interrupted as he licked his lips with his sharp tongue, “she must know. That book said that only one who went to the other side with an unfulfilled aim and manages to return, will gain a deeper understanding of human consciousness.”

“And…?” Karen asks, unable to understand the finer details of the literature.

“Mehe, looks like your mentor failed to teach you about the literary works of the Karmic history.”

“Well, she does have an instilled hatred of the library for some reason.”

“That so? Keh, anyways, what the literature is trying to say is that Wills are part of the human conscious. By experiencing death and returning, you have a chance of unlocking a deeper understanding of the collective consciousness of everyone. In real world terms, being more tolerant of others or having an open mind. Sakaki, you’ve been with her for a long time, what do you think of her?”

Surprised at the question, Sakaki scratched his head and thought of every situation Karen and he had experienced together throughout the years, “well, she is known to be more accepting of others…”

“So… I died in the chimera attack… And returned?”