“That is one way to put it. But you don’t remember anything at the time, but your ability is still there. Perhaps we will never know what you had experienced.”

Unable to remember what I was before the incident… How was my life like with my parents? It just feels wrong. It feels empty, like a void that can’t be filled within me. It’s… Scary…

Sensing some stress emanating from beside her, Iris held onto Karen’s arm. At that thoughtful gesture, Karen smiled and pat her on the head.

It’s scary… But Fuji and Sakaki had been supportive of me over the years. Maybe there is a reason that my past self would repress my memories. In actuality, learning what I was before and how much I’ve changed is even more scary. After meeting with Iris, she seemed to be able to move on and look forward while I am stuck wondering about the past. Maybe I adopted her because I wanted to change, to move on, and follow in the footsteps of Fuji.

“If I do remember what I had dreamed of at the time, I may not be able to express it in words to anyone. But since cause is written in literature, it is generally accepted in the Karmic society?” Karen asks.

“Indeed, it is accepted by the vox populi.”

“I see. Now that my situation has been partly resolved, I had wanted to come here bringing important news.”

Struck in awe about the news of the discovery of the 6th wielder of a conceptual weapon, the council burst out in excitement and relief.

“Splendid! Where is this person?” one of the councilmen said.

“She’s here, Iris is the one,” Karen answered, “Sakaki, Howard and Elizabeth can attest to her ability.”

“That mere child is able to manifest a conceptual weapon? Impossible!”

The room was soon filled with debate and ideas amongst the more senior of the councilmen as there had never been a child so young being able to create a conceptual weapon, much less manifesting a much less powerful Will. Iris is indeed an extraordinary child and one that would sure surpass every Karma in existence with the proper training.

However, Karen would not allow the Karmic Harmony to train her precious adopted daughter. She is still a child, a four-year-old fluffball of an adorable human being. The only person that she had allowed to train her was either herself or Sakaki.

As the atmosphere of the room died down, a single order was given to Karen, “Karen Tomach, the Karmic Harmony orders you to hand over that child for the very reason that she holds one of the most powerful Will to ever exist.”

As she had thought, the Karmic Harmony would order her to hand Iris over to their care. The child wouldn’t want that outcome. Sakaki would probably be disappointed in her if she did it. Karen will stand by her beliefs and raise the child of her own ability.


“Are you a fool?”

“I may certainly be. And this may be a selfish move, but she is just a child. And a child that I love. She will continue to stay by my side and be trained by me or Sakaki. If I can’t fulfill these conditions, both Sakaki and I will leave the Karmic Harmony, bringing along our knowledge and our mentor’s expertise out of the organization.”

Hearing his name at the final point, the bystander Sakaki jumped, “wait what?! Ugh… Fine…”

“Kahahashdahd this is the drama that I would die for!” Bisque Kyt cackled, “councilmen, surely loosing two of the valuable Karma who trained under the Wind Maiden of the East would be a big blow to the organization as a whole.”

“Tch, fine, we will agree to those terms. However, she has to participate in the Karmic Succession when she is of age.”

“Fine by me.”

“Then you are now dismissed but be sure to gather at the ballroom when the time of the meeting arrives.”

“Damn it, you have to pull me into everything, do you?” Sakaki jokingly teased Karen.

Shhhh! She shyly tried to shut him up in her mind.