A dragon?!

Yes, a dragon. But, does a dragon look like a snake with wings fitted on its back and floating in the sky? The appropriate answer is no. The creature that is above the ballroom flapping its wings is in fact a chimera. A chimera that is made to imitate a dragon.

Beasts began to pour in from the hole that was created. Beasts that roam around on four legs with the body of a polar bear, head of a lion and a tail that looks like it came straight from a mermaid – fast, agile and intimidating. Once they made a landing, they were able to roam around the ballroom using all four or attack with both their front limbs. Before long, they are surrounded on all corners

“Don’t a dragon only appear during wars where many lives are lost?” Sakaki asked, but he didn’t get a reply as Karen turn tailed and ran towards where the food was, “Wait-“ but he couldn’t give chase as a chimera decided to bare its fangs on him.

“Iris!” she shouted over and over to no avail.

She can’t be far. Elizabeth is with her, so I shouldn’t be as concerned, but I still can’t help it.

And her apprehension is justified as she soon learns of their fate when a familiar voice beckons to her, “I’m sure your mom will come for you, little one.”

“Looks like the cause célèbre is here,” the white humanoid figure with a gash where the mouth is started. Around him were burn marks on the ground and Elizabeth lying face down unconscious barely holding onto her Will.

“Let her go!” Karen readies her Will, two twenty-four-fold fans that were passed on to her by her mentor and adoptive mother, Fuji. “I said let her go!”

“Hmm – whoa there!” the white figure was forced to part with Iris as Karen dashed at insane speeds and attempted to slice the hand that was holding Iris hostage. Her move was a success, but she failed in doing any damage to it. “That was a prudent move. But alas, it is not that easy to land a hit on me.”

“Iris, don’t be afraid. Go find Sakaki, it’s safer to be with him. I’ll stay here.”



Shocked that the change in tone that her mother gave, she had no choice but to obey and began high-tailing out with tears in her eyes.

Good girl, Karen thought. Turning her attention back to the situation at hand, she readied herself again. However, the white figure isn’t where he was when she attacked.

Instead, the figure reappeared behind her and said, “I’m here.”

She was caught off guard and tried to turn around as fast as she could, but it was all for naught as she received a punch right in the stomach before she could retaliate.

The punch was of great force as the moment the impact had happened, she had incurred internal bleeding and coughed out blood before being flung back ten meters or so and crashing into the ground.