Shadows are cast in a wide area and in a steep angle, signifying the sun is setting when the attack is happening.

Meanwhile on the other corner of the ballroom, Arthur Nebula and Bisque Kyt have their backs against each other. Eight chimeras surround them in every direction; a typical scenario where any ordinary Karma would surrender as chimeras are beastly creatures that are designed specifically to extirpate them.

However, both Arthur and Bisque Kyt are not at all ordinary as they both possess conceptual weapons and are the among the best combatants in the Karmic Harmony.

“Guehe you don’t experience being surrounded every day,” said Bisque Kyt to his temporary companion at his back.

Arthur lowers his stance and readies his Zweihänder, “You wouldn’t know the feeling with your twisted mind after all. Looks like the conditions are in favor for your Will.”

His Will being a long sword with an unlimited range, is able to take out the first chimera that is right in front of him by detaching the top half of the blade and shooting it towards its target.

Behind him, three chimeras took the initiative and began charging at Bisque Kyt. Why? Because he hadn’t done anything, and they had assumed that he is defenseless. But the beasts could not have been more wrong. Their “prey” gave a evil smile and a gaze that would pierce any sentient being’s very soul and leave them begging for their lives, screaming ecstatically, “KAKAKAKA, DIE!”

Still charging towards Bisque Kyt, the chimeras had finally gotten close enough for their bodies to “touch” his shadow that was cast by the setting sun. And from his shadow emerges countless dark spikes two meters tall which skewered the beasts from underneath.


“Huh? Are they running?” Sakaki whispered to himself. With him is Iris, which was told to get protection by staying at his side.

As soon as the danger had cleared, she pulled on his clothes repeatedly, “this! Is! No! Time!”

“Oh yes! Bring me to her!”

Upon arriving at where Karen was last seen, there was nothing of note except a pool of blood and Elizabeth lying face-down unconscious.

“No, no, no!”