Iris held my hand on our way back to the orphanage.
“How was she?”, the middle-aged woman asked.
“She’s smart. We had fun.” I replied. “I’ll see you around again, Iris!”. I waved goodbye to here.
She returned the wave energetically and exclaimed “Yeah!”

“So, you’ve been away for a few hours and you found yourself a kid, huh?” joked Sakaki.
“Yeah, yeah. A better company than you, thankfully.”
“That’s harsh.”
I chuckled.
“So, how’s the meat stores?”
“Smelly. I was kinda shocked that it was unguarded and in a quite run-down cellar.”
So, the meat stores were unguarded as well. And it’s in a run-down cellar, which meant that it is abandoned and in a remote location - like the granary.
“N-nothing.” I changed my mind. It’s probably nothing and I’m overthinking things.
Storing precious food in locations that people rarely pass by isn’t unthinkable. It’s actually logical to a certain extent. I’ll confirm it with Eva later.

Sakaki and I are now back in the Inn.
“So, how many sacks of grain are in the granary?” asked Eva.
“I’ve counted fifty.” I replied.
“Hmm, that should be enough for the dinner party tomorrow night.”
“Tomorrow night?”
“Oh yes. Tomorrow night’s the big day. But we’ll not be in the party. Nadiah will.”
“What is she gonna do?” Sakaki asked.
“Teach these smug bastards a lesson.” Nadiah said in a serious tone.
“Whoa there.”
“And us, we’ll be stationed separately. I’ll be at the town’s front gate. You and Sakaki will be stationed at the East gate.” Continued Eva.
East is where the orphanage is.
“I have a feeling that the demon will enter the town from one of the two locations, and I’m rarely wrong.”
“Got it.” Sakaki and I answered.
“Oh and one more thing! Keep your mouths shut. Have fun, sweeties~”
Sakaki and Nadiah went out of the room, to explore around town before the busy day tomorrow.

“Eva, can I have a word with you?” I asked.
“Hm? What can I do for you, sweetie?”
“About the granary and the meat store… Why are they placed in such a remote location, and they looked like they were abandoned outhouses?”
Eva’s expression flipped the moment I finish asking my questions.
“Well, I guess I can’t hide that fact from you and Sakaki, huh?”
“Sakaki suspected something as well?”
“Yes. I guess I’ll tell you the truth.”
I hope so!
“The food that were stored there were ‘stolen’ from the elites in this town.”
“I had the Western army troops that I oversee acquire them.”
“So we’re luring the Gashadokuro in with the corrupt’s own food?”
“In a way, yes.”
I heaved a sigh. I’m actually relieved that, that is all. My wildest imaginations didn’t come to light.
Eva raised her fist, with her Will equipped.
“Don’t tell Nadiah. She’s a dear friend, I just don’t want to see her home die a slow and painful death.” She threatens me.
“Y-yeah, sure.”
“Thank you for understanding.” She lowers her fist.