“Mrs. Beet! Mrs Beet!” I shouted as loud as I could while sprinting towards the door of the orphanage.
The Gashadokuro might have ignored us before we attacked it, but there is no telling whether it will ignore the orphanage. The children are victims of the famine and are lucky enough to be saved by Mrs. Beet, they still have a lot to live for.
“Mrs. Beet!” I shouted again as I slammed my fists on the door. There is no time to be polite, lives are at stake.
The door unlocks with a click sound and slowly opened, but Mrs. Beet is not the one answering the door, it is Iris.

“Mm? Whaaat?” Iris said while trying not to yawn.
“Where’s Granny Beet?”
“Mmm… She went to the town hall for the dinner party.”
Damn it, I forgot that she’s one of the elites as well.
“Iris, listen, this is very important.”
“I want you to bring all the kids and meet me at the back door of the orphanage. I will explain it to Granny Beet later.”
“Is something coming?”
Smart girl. I can’t lie to her at a time like this, though I feel guilty, it sounds like it’s their bed time.
“Yes. I need you to hurry!”
Her eyes were wide open after what I told her. She nods and runs back into the orphanage to complete the task that I have given her.
I hope Sakaki’s doing alright.

“Alright kids, you need to get out of here. It’s dangerous to be here now.” I told the kids who gathered at the rear of the orphanage. Familiar sounds of leaves rustling engulf the area as I was guiding the kids away.
“Karen!” a faint voice coming from the forest – It’s Sakaki shouting. “Get everyone out of there! Now!”
Oh no… I’ve run out of time, it’s giving Sakaki a hard time.
In a rush, I turn to Iris and put both my hands on her shoulders, “Do you know the way to the town gate?”
The children don’t understand what is going on except for Iris, but they can sense my fear as some of them started crying.
“Y-yes” replied Iris. “But-“
“We have no time. Iris, listen to me. A demon is coming this way and I need you to bring the kids safely to town.”
I took out the flower that she had given me and put on her hand, “Take care of this for me, will you? Keep it for me until I return.”
“Okay”, she said as she hugs me with her eyes teared up. Of course, I returned her hug. I trust her to bring the kids to safety.
As Sakaki’s occasional warning shouts get closer, I told Iris, “It’s time for you to go.”
She nodded and like an older sister, guides the kids away to safety. It’s my turn to buy some time for them to escape, I can’t leave Sakaki alone any longer too.

Looking through the forest that surrounds the orphanage, I shouted “The orphanage is clear!”