Sakaki and I have been unsuccessful in stopping the Gashadokuro… Our battle has brought us from the orphanage to the town hall, where the party is currently being held.
The Gashadokuro is strong.
In fact, it has the strength of everyone it had collected, both physical and mental, along with the willpower of every soul – the victims of the famine that resulted from the Southern Region government’s policy of collectivised farming.

“I’m sorry.” I said to Eva as I steady my footing after letting go of Nadiah. Eva had just given her another task – to help her agents.
“Don’t sweat it. No one alive knows how powerful a Gashadokuro is.” She replied. “It’s my turn now.”
Sakaki, being exhausted, lies down on the marble dance floor to take a breather. We have been tossed around by the demon as we try to stop it from entering the population center. Right before it enters the town hall, I blocked a hard blow that was meant for Sakaki. That’s how I crashed through the wall.
The haori that I am wearing saved me. It is a Will given to me by my mother, to protect me from the chimera attack at the village when I was a kid. It has two abilities, strength and superb protection and by using its abilities, I blocked a blow that was meant for Sakaki as I knew I will be able to survive the attack.
Of course, I won’t be coming out unscathed. The ability of the Will just assures that I won’t die from such an attack. My body couldn’t feel any pain as the shock of the impact made my entire body numb, but I can definitely feel blood streaming down to my lips from my head.
That hit really took a toll on my body as I’m slowly losing my vision as well.

The Gashadokuro, led by the amount of people screaming and panicking creeps into the town hall from the hole I made. Sakaki stood up as the demon makes its way inside.
“We’ve managed to whittle it down.” Said Sakaki. “It’s a little smaller than we first encountered it.”
“So, this is what it looks like.” Eva pondered as she smashes her fists together. “I’ve been waiting for you, dear demon.”

A few moments passed as the Gashadokuro looks around the hall, taking in the new environment it had walked into. Eva, too, stood still with her fist clenched waiting for the moment the demon pounces.
“Come on, we’ve prepared all of this for you.” She whispered. A grunt could be heard from the demon as its attention is focused on Eva. “Come!”
The demon leaps forward towards Eva with its front legs ready to crush her, however, that won’t be happening as Eva positions herself firmly in a disciplined stance and raises her fist upwards, as though punching the air and exhales, “ORA!”
“What are you doing?” is what I wanted to say, but before I can open my mouth, the ground begins to rumble, and what happens next is what I can only describe as jaw dropping.
A “sculture” that resembles a fist and twice the size of a regular human rises from the ground in front of Eva. The “fist” punched the Gashadokuro upwards mid-air. Eva followed up with a punch perpendicular to the ground, with another sculpture being brought up from the ground and punching the demon, sending it flying out the town hall from the hole it entered. With both actions completed, the sculpture crumbles on its own weight.

“WHAT IS THAT?!” Exclaimed Sakaki. “THAT WAS AWESOME!”
That was awesome indeed, is that the power of her Will?
“Y-yeah, is that the power of your will?” I questioned her.
“No, sweethearts. That is magic.”
Come to think of it, I haven’t had the pleasure of observing her Will. On closer insepction, it isn’t a gauntlet, it’s a mix of a kind hand-to-hand combat weapon and armor plating around her arm up to her elbow – on both her hands.
A weapon called a cestus is what can be described closest that is located on her proximal phalanges around her fingers. Excluding her thumb, the cestus is a thick, hard material that is black in color and its primary purpose is to deliver a painful punch. Around the rest of her fingers are thin black metal platings. Those black metal plates are also covering her arms from the wrist to elbow, albeit a little thicker for better protection.
A weapon that is very specialised.
It might be deadly to normal humans if used correctly. However, I don’t see how it is effective in combat against a demon.

“You see dears, I’m a mage first, a woman second and a Karma last.” She explains. “Since my Will isn’t the most efficient weapon to fight a demon with, I thought might as well go all out and embedded some precious stones in it to do what I do. I can even remove them freely anytime!”
She enhanced her Will by complementing it with magic.
With that, she walks out of the hall towards the Gashadokuro, “Karen, Sakaki, you can take a break now, I’ll handle the rest.”
Sakaki face planted onto the ground with his thumbs up and said, “finally!”, too exhausted to do anything else.
I must see this through. How will Eva kill the Gashadokuro? My vision is getting worse by the second, focusing is getting harder as the consequences of my injury start to kick in. I have to see it through.

I dragged my feet over to the hole in the wall only to see Eva walking up to the Gashadokuro. As the demon is trying to regain its composure and stance, Eva puts out her hand and clenches her fist, activating a spell that encages the demon with pillars rising from the earth, leaving it no room for any significant movement. I said encage, but it looks more like she’s blocking the demon in between three walls in a triangular fashion.
I couldn’t make out what she was saying as it was far away, but as she puts her hand on one of the pillars, I could read her lips.
“Rest in peace”
“Rest in peace”, as she sparks an intense inferno from within the cage. The light from the inferno was so bright that it immediately blinded me, finally allowing me to pass out from my injuries and exhaustion.