“How far is Temp Pines, exactly?”, inquired Sakaki.
“Oh, not that far, just a day’s worth of walking southwards.” Replied Nadiah.

After our exchange in the morning, we started our journey to catch up with the Karma who was pursuing the Gashadokuro.
“I guess’ just up ahead’ is a day’s ‘worth of walking’ to you southerners…”, having said that, I used my elbow to nudge Sakaki.
“Fine, fine.”, regretting his comment.

“Haha, it’s fine, really! The region is really big after all, he’s stating a fact.”, Nadiah cheerfully said, trying to break the awkwardness. “You know, it’s really humid here, don’t you guys perspire a lot under those… Jackets…?”

She is right, the climate down south is indeed very wet. The land littered with trees that form a dense canopy. Several outliers pierce the dense ceiling in triumph, while the rest compete for what little light that trickle through, reminiscent of the corrupt officials feeding off the average farmer.

Damn vermin, I struggle to keep them off me with my fans in futility; the forest was indeed teeming with mosquitoes. My mentor would be furious in her grave right now at my blatant disregard to her legacy. On the flip side, most of my skin's already covered by my Haori. Bandages also happen to conceal the scars down my left leg from childhood. What I would do for what Sakaki is wearing now. His Yukata leaving him protected waist down.

“Yes, I’m drenched…”, I detested.
Sweating is one thing, but perspiration leaving your body sticky as it dries feels just odious.
“How are you doing?” I asked Sakaki.
He turned to look at me with a smile on his face, trying to not break up.
“Do you know that feeling when your skin sticks together because of the sweat and pulling it apart give you chills down your spine?”
“Uh…”, what?
“Ye, that’s the situation I’m in right now. I do not wish to feel that.” He said. “My arms are now stuck in this position and so will my face until I take a nice, long bath.”