Nadiah and I proceeded to find a table to settle down. With all the commotion about, the famine doesn’t seem to apply to this particular part of the region. The corrupt and rich live off whatever they stole. Where, particularly, did they source their food from? From the farmers nearby? If so, where do they store the food? Or, if anything else, did they import them from the West or East?
I feel that the answer to these questions will come soon.
“Eva! Eva! Eva!”, more cheering as she grabs another jug of beer. Before starting to drink, she made eye contact with me and winked. With every sizeable gulp, her face gets even redder. I wonder if she had drunk an entire keg by now.
We decided to order our food and some alcoholic beverage to go along with it as we haven’t eaten since lunch.

We’ve been sitting here for about an hour now and I can’t see an end to Eva’s drinking spree.
“Karen? Are you alright?”, ask Nadiah, “You’ve been blanking out with your hands have been in your ears after we finished eating”.
My hand? Oh, I didn’t even notice that my heart is beating faster than usual, and what my body is subconsciously doing.
“Oh… Sorry. It’s just… I can’t handle loud noises simultaneously coming from all directions.”, I replied while letting go of my ears.
After killing the vampire in Koi village, the same thing almost happened to me, except Sakaki is there. He’s always been there to calm me down. This is the first time I’m experiencing this after he left to travel.

My mind was put on alert again as a hand lands on my right shoulder.
“Karen~ I’m back!”, exclaimed Sakaki, trying not to be drowned out by the surrounding cheers and proceed to sit beside me.
“So where is the Karma?”, he asked.
“Isn’t it obvious enough? It’s who everyone’s been cheering at for the past hour.”, pointing towards Eva’s direction.
“Ooh, slender body, scantily dressed, big chest, black leather pants, purple eyes. ”, as he examines her from afar without a hint of discreetness.
I rolled my eyes and laid my head on the wooden table, huffing my fringe while at it in exasperation. I guess his eyes are keen enough to allow him to see women better than demons.
“There IS something covering her arms, though.”, he continues.
That must be her Will.

“All right, boys! That’s it for today!”, Eva shouted to the crowd, “I have business to attend to drunk!”
She drunkenly stumbles onto our table and took a seat opposite of me, her arm on the table supporting her head, staring at me, like a maiden in love. She is drunk, however, so I can’t read her at all.

“Hey there. Name’s Sakaki. Sakaki Sakurai.”, Sakaki cutting in, looking suave.
Ugh, please.
“Sweetheart, you’re hot, hiccup but I’m not into guys.”, as Eva shoots Sakaki down with a “shoo-ing” gesture.
“Aww…”, Sakaki sighed, looking depressed and calling a waiter to get a glass of alcohol and food.
Is she… Really into me?
“Miss Eva Hearth? I’m Karen.”, I spoke up.
hiccup Call me Eva, sweetie.”, winking at me again.
“You’re chasing the Gashadokuro that has been roaming around the region, right?”, I inquired.
“That’s right, hehe - hiccup I was dispatched by the Western Regional Government after a rumour about a Gashadokuro began circulating there.”, she said, as her head start to wobble around. “I saw it once, but it - hiccups escaped. If both of you wanna help, I have a way to find that demon.”
“And how are you gonna do that?”, Sakaki asked as he leans in, curiosity piquing.
“Easy, darlings! I’m gonna use this town as bait!”, Eva whispers with a cheeky smile, before audibly slamming her head on the table and blacking out.