I am speechless… After all the fiasco in the pub, here I am, in the same bed with my back facing Sakaki. After Eva passed out drunk on our dinner table, we, specifically Sakaki, dragged her back to our room in the inn.
We didn’t know where she is lodging in, so we brought her along. But that’s beside the point. He dumped her on MY bed! And of course, Nadiah giggled in the background signalling her approval of the situation.
Sakaki rented a room with three beds, one for each of us. However, with an unexpected guest, the room isn’t a good fit for our “gang” now. Nadiah offered her bed to me, but I refused. Instead, I kicked him to the side of his bed and took the other three quarters for myself.

“Hey Karen. You awake?” whispered Sakaki.
I’ve been staying awake for an hour.
“What?” I replied.
“… Nothing, goodnight.”
“Good night.”

Wha… What?
“Let’s put my plan into action!” shouted Eva.
A light slap went across my face to fully wake me up.
“Morning, Karen!” said Sakaki and Eva in unison.
“Not a morning person aye?” Eva asked.
“Is anyone ever?” I said while rubbing my eyes, “Except for you two probably.”
“I just travelled to a relatively safe town. Lemme rest a little. Until noon maybe - ”

“Haha, no.” Eva interjected. “We’re starting today. Have I introduced myself yet? I feel like I had, but I can’t remember.”
“Yea, you did last night in the pub. We hooked up too.” Sakaki said.
“Yea, no.” another rejection by Eva.

“Where did Nadiah go?” I asked both of them.
“I sent her out earlier to put up some posters.” Said Eva
“I’ll fill you up on my plan now.” Eva’s facial expression changed into a more serious expression.
“Gashadokuros are spawned from the bones from famine victims, right? My theory is that they are spirits who are hungry, in a sense that they died hungry and they are hungry for revenge to those that made the famine happen.”
“So in order to lure them, I will prepare a massive dinner party for the town in order to lure it here.”

“And this town is populated with government officials and aristocrats that made the famine happen.” Said Sakaki.
“Correct.” Said Eva. “This town will get what’s coming for them.”
“So what is going to happen to the inhabitants of this town?” I asked.
“You don’t have to worry about that.” Eva assured me. “I have a plan to handle with them.”
“And I guess that plan does not consist of us being involved?” I asked.
“That is correct, sweetie!” Eva answers sarcastically.

I don’t know what she is planning behind Sakaki and I. Nadiah’s been pretty quiet too. I don’t like where this is going.