A few days after the incident had taken place in the Sandstone Citadel, a man whose skin is a tad tanned and his body is naked less the brown robe that is wrapped around his waist and hung over his shoulders approached Sakaki.

A monk…?

Indeed, a monk had approached Sakaki on the outskirts of Karen’s house. He had just returned from a trip to the nearby town with Iris to get supplies as well as intelligence on who had taken Karen and where she might be from other Karma. Nothing turned up, however. Nothing is known of the mysterious figure’s motives. Nothing of its origins. Nothing. Nothing except what was seen – it collecting Wills and controlling chimeras. It might have suddenly appeared on the surface of the planet for all he knows.

“… May I help you?” Sakaki started.

The monk replied, “I know where she is. I will tell you, and in return, you will tell me where the Karmic Harmony is.”