Chisa is the capital city of the Eastern Region. That is our destination after resting in Tzeoki for the day, but there is an unexpected change in our plan. We are now in a cart on our way to the estate of Sakaki’s father.

Sakaki’s father is the financial minister of the Eastern Region. His name is Nao Sakurai.
Sitting in the horse carriage that was shared between me, Iris, Sakaki and his father, the atmosphere is dense and silent. Only rocks and pebbles pushed aside by the carriage’s wheels or the occasional command by the horseman could be heard inside.

With so much questions in my mind about the situation we are in, I whispered to Sakaki, “So, you are born rich after all.”
“No,” he replied, “I never had any benefits from him.”

“We’re here,” Nao interrupted us.
Descending from the steps of the carriage, I was confronted with a dark, thick, heavy wooden door with a sign above it with eastern insignia, presumably, of the Sakurai family name. Behind the gate is the estate that Nao Sakurai owns, which has a typical eastern design, with triangle rooftops and red ceramic roof tiles.
“Come,” he said.

We were led into the office, where he sat us down in front of a desk. During our walk to the office, Sakaki was restless, fidgeting and looking around, trying to find something.

“Now, Sakaki, I have something to discuss.”
“Really? Before that, where is my mother?”