After the events that happened in the outskirts of Chisa, Elizabeth and Howard wanted to bring Iris to the Karmic Harmony council immediately as she had conceived of a special will; a conceptual weapon. A conceptual weapon is a classification of Will that outranks every other. The very creation of such a Will can only be done by an individual who has a very deep dedication to the extermination of demons – or at least that is to be believed.

Never had a child so young wield such power. There are only five other known instances of an individual possessing a conceptual weapon, and every one of them started their Karmic training during their teenage years.

The other classes of weapons are offensive: where Sakkaki’s Will is classified, supportive – Elizabeth and hybrid: Karen’s twenty-four-fold fans.

Karen’s twenty-four-fold fans are an inheritance from her adoptive mother and mentor, Fuyutsuki Fuji. She was hailed as a Wind Maiden of the East for the sole reason that her Will was originally classified as a support-class. However, she had mastered the use of so quickly and efficiently that it prompted the inception of the third classification. She is a genius in her own right, a straight prodigy in the field of demon hunting.

“Hm? We’re going home!” Karen said cheerfully. It has been a while since she has been back there. Maybe she had a reason to avoid it, or maybe she wanted to find a purpose for herself.

In any way, the place is too big for just one person to live in, she thought.

All in all, her excuse was that it’s lonely being the only person living there.

“Is it HUUGE?” Iris asked again, but this time, with her arms wide open, trying to apply an impact on her definition of ‘huge”.

“Hahaha, you’ll find out soon. I wonder if Sakakki is already there… I’ll have to explain the predicament we are in to him.”

The predicament being that she managed to convince Howard and Elizabeth that she will appear before the Karmic Harmony council herself to report about Iris’ power when the time is right.

“Let’s sing a song!”

“Hmm, we’re close, but okay.”


“… How many days have you been staring at that grave?”

“About two or three, I can’t remember. BUT, I did sleep indoors.”

“Oh yeah? And which room did you use?”

“Ahaha… I slept on the couch.”

Those are the first words that were spoken when Karen and Sakakki met for the first time in days. Very minimal, but it subtly conveyed Sakakki’s emotional state to Karen. She knew that Sakakki would open his heart at someone who he had been with forever. She knew that he would talk to the grave of his mentor and his heart would be free of any bottled-up emotions that he had kept for so many years.

“Oooo, what’s this?”, being in intrigued, Sakakki crawls over to Iris like a toddler and rubs the ribbon that kept her ponytail tied. “Are you a bunny?”

“Hehehe, yeah! Mommy bought it for me!”


“Yeah… About that…” Karen blushed.

“Well, it’s about time. This is gonna happen sooner or later, and it’s better that it’s now.”

Looks like she’s following down Fuji’s path, Sakaki thought to himself.

“And I have a favour to ask… I need you to teach her how to control a Will.”

“What do you mean?”

“She wields a conceptual weapon.”