After Karen requested that Sakakki teach Iris on the appropriate ways to control her own Will, she proceeded to prepare for lunch as noon is soon upon them.

Sakakki hadn’t known about Iris’ Will, so he had her project it to gauge her current mastery of it, however little. Why couldn’t Karen teach her, as it is the duty of a mother who had experience in the field of demon slaying to pass her knowledge and experience onto their child? Well, Karen does not have a Will of her own. She has her two twenty-four-fold fans from Fuyutsuki Fuji, her adoptive mother, as well as her white haori with red curved lines from her biological mother, Rin Itsuki, who died passing her Will onto her daughter when the chimeras attacked the village.

As both Wills that she possesses does not originally belong to her, she was only trained to control others’ Will. And even then, she had mastered Fuji’s fans and not Rin’s haori, as she was dead and could not teach her the proper ways to fully utilise its’ ability. At the moment, Karen only knows about the haori’s power to grant its’ user enormous strength as well as protection from being punctured along the cloth.

“Okay, concentrate and try to make it as big as possible,” Sakakki told Iris. Their training is held at the front garden as determined by Karen as it is her house after all.

She put her hand up and focused her entire being into only accomplishing the task that Sakakki had given her. Veins began to appear from her forehead alongside beads of sweat.

It’s adorable that she’s concentrating so hard, Saakki thought.

Soon, a hexagonal-shaped piece of glass glowing blue the size of Iris herself appeared in front of her. She puffed up her chest and proudly look up to Sakakki.

“Good work!” he said, being impressed while patting her head and rubbing the ribbons that tied her ponytail together making her look like a bunny.

Sakakki knocks on the pentagon and it produced a low-frequency rebound which sounded like a ceremonial drum.


He drew his Will, a katana with red-tinted glass as its blade from its sheath and poked the hexagon with it with varying strength.

“So, this conceptual weapon is an impenetrable shield… Now, let’s see if you can move it.”

By the time lunch was ready, Sakakki was able to gather that with her current mastery of her Will, Iris can only muster up enough strength to project one shield, with her being able to move it freely, including upwards, towards the sky for about 4 meters.

It is essential to learn the weaknesses or drawbacks and limitations of their Will, no matter by design or the wielder’s body limits as it is a matter of life and death on the battlefield.

He relayed what he had found out to Karen during lunch.

“So, because conceptual weapons are so rare and powerful, they were given names by their wielder and it is recognised officially by the Karmic Harmony. Do you have one for yours, Iris?” Sakakki asked at the meal table.

“Hmm,” deep in thought, Iris could not think up of a single name as she chewed on a piece of fish. “No… I dunno…”

“Try not to swallow any small bones.” Karen reminded her daughter.

“How about Waterfall? Since it’s blue and eye-catching?” Sakakki suggested.

“Too cheesy.” Karen shot his idea down.

“Then how about Hikari?”

“Mmm too obvious?”

“What?! Then why don’t you suggest one? And when did you learn to cook?”

Iris chuckled quietly at their harmless banter.

“When Fuji and I stayed here. Hmm… How about Luminary?”

“Mm!” Iris seemed to love the idea so much that she almost choked on her food.

“Be careful!” Karen rubbed her back.

“Alright, that sounded cool,” Sakakki admitted.

With the name of Iris’ Will decided, she had a final question to ask.

“Mommy, can I explore the surrounding area after lunch?”

Iris had entered a foreign land that she had not explored before and curiosity got the better of her when she asked that question. Back in Temp Pines, she would walk around the forests surrounding the orphanage along looking for things that interest her.

Hmm, she must be curious as this is a new unexplored area for her, and this is gonna be her new home soon, and I can never stop her curiosity. Not many people travel here anymore after the chimera attack, so I guess it’s safe? I’ll have Sakakki sneak around on my behalf just in case.

“Hmm, okay, but promise me you’ll be back before sundown.”

Iris nodded with a bright smile. Adorable.

A chill went up Sakakki’s spine. I feel like I will be given a job should not have be done by me later, he thought.