“Iris…?” Karen whispered, concerned with that is happening at a corner of the room that she had rented in an inn.

There are two single-sized beds in the room, one close to the door while the other is close to a window that overlooks the street that the inn is on. Karen being the one sleeping in the former and Iris on the latter.

A bright blue glow began to envelop Iris’ corner of the room as Karen was entering. She left Iris alone in the room to run some errands before heading out in the morning for the more important stuff – picking out attires for the upcoming Karmic Harmony gathering in headquarters.

Karen made haste towards the four-year-old girl. She tapped on her shoulders to grab her attention.

“Are you doing this?” She asked, surprised at what Iris had done. Iris was playing with a piece of glass-like pentagon floating on her palms. It was glowing blue in color and when looked at closely, is translucent. It is truly a fantastic piece of craft.

“Hm? Yeah!” Iris answered.

“Are you using magic?” Karen looked around for a catalyst that would make this happen if it were magic, including carrying her and flipping the poor girl around to find what was never there. “How are you doing this?”

“Nope! I was just thinking of a shape and it worked!” Iris was ecstatic about the result of her work.

Impossible, what are the chances of this happening? Fuji did tell me about this. If I remember correctly, they’re called conceptual weapons, Karen recalls. Conceptual weapons are the most powerful kind of Will to ever exist. Only five are recorded to ever exist, including the one that my father had, but he’s no longer here.

“When did you find out that you could do this?”

Iris life both of her fingers to her forehead, thought deeply and answered, “Yesterday! I was thinking that I wanted to protect something, then it just happened?”

Interesting, so her Will comes from her wanting to protect something and it appeared around yesterday after Sakaki left, Karen thought.

The next morning, Karen and Iris set out from their room to the nearby shopping district in Chisa. The district has many shops ranging from artisan products to magical catalysts, with price ranges from affordable to the commoner to wealthy nobles. However, Karen and Iris are there with one thing in their minds: getting clothes.

Looking through the front windows of the stores, Karen asks Iris, “What kind of clothing do kids where these days?”

“Mmm I would like what you wear, but anything is fine!”

I suppose I could find a tiny version of my clothes for her around these parts, but I would like to get her something extra too, Karen brainstormed.

While thinking of what else she could get the four-year-old girl, she glimpsed something in the corner of her eye that caught her attention and began walking towards it.

Iris made an “Eh?” sound and was pulled along.

When they arrived at the stall had what caught Karen’s attention, both their eyes glimmered at what they saw – ribbons of many different colors. “It’s like a rainbow!” Iris exclaimed.

“Do you want one?” Karen chuckled. “How about this purple one?”

She paid them for it and immediately tied it around Iris’ hair in a ponytail fashion. “Look! They look like bunny ears on you!”

Iris spun herself around in elation upon receiving her gift.
Ahhh, she's adorable, Karen is on cloud nine watching the small girl being so animated.

It has been a while since Karen had such joy shopping with someone. The last time was when her adoptive mother Fuji was still alive. They were in the same shopping district in Chisa picking out furniture for the new house they built in the old village ruins that Karen came out from.

Sakaki should have arrived there by now, Karen thought, I wonder how surprised he’s gonna be seeing what we’ve done.

Spending the day shopping, it is now dusk and they are finally done with their chore. Karen with her formal attire in a paper bag as well as quite the load of clothing for Iris’ everyday use.

“Are you sure you’re comfortable in that?” Karen inquired. Iris was given a setup similar to what Karen was wearing, the same color even. Everyone around them looked in their direction and thought, “how cute.”

“Mhm!” Iris replied.

They continued having a lively chat when a familiar piece of armor walk up to them. It is tall with aggressively rough edges and sharp fingers. A man wearing a brown cloak who was overshadowed by the armor’s sheer size made an appearance. It is the messenger from the Consortium of Demon Hunters – a fancy way of saying a Karmic messenger who is at the close hand of the council of the Karmic Harmony.

A woman with white long hair wearing a one-piece white dress with an eastern longbow slung around her back stood forth along with him.

“Greetings Ms. Fuji. We meet again.” The man in the brown cloak said in a very western posh accent. “I’m afraid I haven’t introduced myself yet. My name’s Howard Rheinmetall and this here love’s Elizabeth Feldt.”