“Wait…” Karen was genuinely confused, “You… Have an accent?!”

When Howard first appeared in Temp Pines to relay a message for both Karen and Sakakki that in a month time, the Karmic Harmony will hold a conference for an urgent matter. At the time, she didn’t notice any tone in his vocal expressions, but at this very moment, she is shocked that he even had one as her first impressions of him were shattered.

“Haha, yeah, I only speak this way when I’m not doing formal work,” Howard said.

“Who’s in that armor?”

“Oh, no one is in it. It’s my Will and I am using magic to control it like a puppet. It’s intimidating, ain’t it?”

Ah! So he’s one of the three Karmic puppet masters, Karen thought.

“Elizabeth, this ‘ere’s Karen.” Howard introduced.

“Ooooo, so you’re the Karen that Sakakki always talks about,” Elizabeth said while inspecting Karen from every angle imaginable. When she is done scrutinizing her target, she smiled and presented her hand, “Nice to meet you!”

Karen returned the handshake with an awkward smile, “Nice to meet you too.”

She knows Sakakki? I hope he didn’t say anything embarrassing about me to anyone, suspicions were put into her mind.

“Umm, how did you know of Sakakki?”

“Oh, my team traveled with him for about a year and a half.” Elizabeth recalls while producing a smirk before intimately whispering into Karen’s ears, “He told me a lot about you, hehe.”

With beet red face, Karen bursts in embarrassment and blurted, “H-huh?!”

I knew it, it WAS embarrassing stuff! I will have to smash some sense of privacy into him, Karen swore.

Angry Karen sure is angry.

Wait a minute, white hair, Elizabeth Feldt… Feldt… Feldt?! The Feldt family is THE royal family. They are the ones on the throne in the country! What is a person of such prestige doing in a place like this?!

“Eheh, you’re just now realizing my name?” Elizabeth read Karen’s mind like an open book and gave her a thumbs up. “I’m third in line for the Raven Heart throne. Buut, I renounced my royalty by becoming a Karma to learn more about the commoner’s way of life.”

“Oi, oi, we have more pressing matters right now, Elizabeth!” Howard said while inflicting a karate chop on her head like how a father would do to his hyperactive daughter. “Miss Fuji, we have heard news of Barghests appearing in the graveyard on the outskirts of the city. We could have settled it ourselves, but the fact that people were describing it in plural, makes me suspicious, so I thought that finding more help wouldn’t hurt.”