“Uhh,” Sean said while heaving a sigh. “I think I’ve had about enough for today…”
He stood up with Iris’ finger is still pointed at his face. Stood in front of him is a girl of the same age as he is, but a head taller. From the statistics he had read from studies taken within the country, the average height of a 17-year-old girl is about a hundred and seventy centimetres.
But him? He is a mere a hundred and fifty-three. The difference in height made him think, what was I expecting at this point?
He looked into her perfect blue eyes and heaved yet another sigh and began walking away, back to the entrance of the school.
“Hey, wait!” Iris asked.
“Weren’t you heading to class? You’re not going anymore?”

Having been asked that question, Sean stopped walking to have his brain process what was presented.
I’m not going anymore? Well yeah, I just had a demon attack me while I was going to class and a female classmate, whom I wanted to have the least interaction with out of everyone in school, save me, he pondered.
Of course, I’m gonna leave! My self-esteem is broken!

He thought that the answer to that question was obvious. He could never have had fathom that the top scorer in the school was to be so dense that she wouldn’t understand the situation. Perhaps she had gotten used to demons? Or is that her personality that was imprinted into her from birth? Sean will never know. Why would he? This is the first time he had encountered both a Karma and a demon, and a Karma that would nonetheless, be the one he wanted to avoid the most.
We are just so fundamentally different, both in our personality and in our thought process, that we can never understand each other.

After a few seconds of thought process, Sean breathed in and said, “Look, I don’t know if you’re dense or what, but the day has just started, and I’ve already been through this. And my attendance is already down the shitter, so not attending lessons now wouldn’t make a difference. I’m leaving.”
Without hearing another word from Iris, Sean left the building.

Iris went to report to the principal about the banshee. She had chosen to leave out details about Sean.
“I’ll also inform my mother on what had happened,” she told the principal.

After the final lesson of the day had ended, Iris packed her daily work into her bag thinking, I have to hurry back, but the waterfall route is slower. Hmmm.

“Iris?” a voice from across the classroom said, snapping her out of her thought.
It is her best friend Kana.
“Wanna hang out today? Shopping and stuff!” she asked.
“Hmm, I’m sorry Kana, but I’ve got to do an errand for my mom today. Next time, maybe?”
“Alright, alright. You’ve been very busy to hang out lately. So, take care of yourself, alright? See ya!”
She does love the word “alright,” alright. Damn, I’ve been influenced! Besides, I have to practise for mom's Karmic Harmony succession soon.

Iris’ goal is to success her mother as the head of the Karmic Harmony.
Unfortunately, Iris chose to keep her identity as a Karma a secret, even to her closest friend. Moreover, only a few know that she wields a conceptual weapon as a Will. A conceptual weapon is the most powerful form of a Will, with the amount of people wielding it can be counted on two hands, specifically, a total of seven known cases including her.

Her Will was dubbed the Luminary by her mother. An impenetrable shield that can be materialized into any shape or form. At the moment, Iris is able to project two of such shields, which she uses mainly on both her arms as a melee weapon.

Oh, looks like I’ve walked to the waterfall by habit. Hm? Is someone there too?
Iris walks quietly over to the person who was admiring at the waterfall.
“Huh?! Kasper?!” she exclaimed.