When Iris had hurriedly returned to her home that she had been staying in since she was four, though many changes had been made to the house, like turning it into an orphanage and having her twin sisters born into the family. She was there from the family numbering only three, to a staggering five. And over the years, it had only gotten increasingly populous as her mother had always wanted to run an orphanage.

Unbeknownst to her, Kasper has been chasing close behind since their fateful meeting at the waterfall. As their conversation had been abruptly cut by Iris herself, he was intrigued as to what conclusion she had thought of. Were her thoughts bleak or something else? He can never know as he thought, we are just so fundamentally different, both in our personality and in our thought process, that we can never understand each other.

At the front gate of Iris’ house, a man donning full metal armor with aggressively sharp edges throughout is standing at the front gate. The armor is so sharp, in fact, that it might stab into the wearer if he had bent his arms at a weird angle. It sounds like it defeats the very purpose of what the armor is designed for, however, the armor that is standing still in front of the gate is indeed empty. Yes, the armor is empty – It is a Will that is controlled by magic as a puppet and its wielder, is in the house right now.

Iris understood what it is and who wields that Will. Kasper, however, was stunned at the sight of such a piece of art standing still. Instead of following Iris to the front gate, he stopped and hid in a nearby bush as he thought that he might be interrupting something important.

Oh no, oh no, oh no, Iris thought as her heart rate elevated even faster, Howard is here. This is bad news.

“Mom!” Iris shouted as she slammed the front door open.

Upon entering the living room, she saw three individuals sitting around the coffee table, one of her mother, Howard, the wielder of the armor that is standing at the front gate, and another person that she was not expecting. The person is wearing a white one-piece dress with a long bow slung on her back – a person she acquainted way back when she was a little girl just figuring out how her power works.

“Wha- What is happening?” Iris whispered.

The person she wasn’t expecting to be there stood up and ruffled Iris’ hair and rubbed her face as if it’s a child’s toy.

“Iris, my dear! We haven’t seen each other in a while!”

“B-big sis Elizabeth, long time no see… Ha-ha.”

“Aww, you’ve grown into a fine young lass! Have you got yourself a man yet?”

“O-of course not! I’m too busy for that!” Iris blushed as she rebutted.

“Oh? But you’re the sweetest girl I’ve ever met apart from your sisters!”

Hehe, the already blushing maiden girl whispered to herself. She then turned to the man still seated on the cushioned chair nodded to her and she acknowledged, “Mister Rheinmetall.”

“It’s nice to see you and Karen again.”

The two individuals are Howard Rheinmetall and Elizabeth Feldt. Both of them had been traveling together like mentor and disciple for many years and are one of the few who knows of Iris’ power – her conceptual weapon. They were there when Iris had discovered her power.

They had visited to give Karen a report on what is happening on the field, demon reports, new Karmic trainees and analysis on everything related as after what had happened thirteen years ago, she was made the head of the Karmic Harmony.

“M-mom, what’s going on?”

“Oh, they’re just here to give me an emergency report. What’s wrong? You look shocked.”

“It’s… Nothing. A banshee appeared in school and I thought something had happened here…”

Karen hugged her and patted her head, “Good work dear. Your dad has returned and is resting upstairs. Why don’t you tell him this good news?”

Upon hearing that her father had returned from his business trip, Iris’ eyes sparkled like a toddler’s.

Dad is back! She screamed excitedly in her heart.

“Shall we continue our report on the state of new trainees?” Howard interrupts.

“Oh yes.” Karen composed herself and prompted Iris to go upstairs.

“Dad!” Iris budged into the master bedroom. Seeing her dad lying on the queen-sized bed face-down, she nudged him continuously to wake him up. However, her father didn’t react a single bit and showing an adorable pout, she whispered into his ears, “if you don’t wake up, I’ll tell mom that you’d let me drink a bit of alcohol.”

Sakaki jumped from the bed and looked around the room finding the daughter who whispered that threat to him. He saw Iris standing beside the bed holding her stomach and chuckling. Realising what had happened, he started pulling on Iris’ ribbon that looked like bunny ears tying her ponytail together and said, “oh, you smug little..!”

“Welcome back, dad!” she hugged her father. “School’s been great! Though a banshee did appear for some reason. I did kill it though. I’ll probably go to Alfred for help on this. Do you have an assignment that I could take it to him?”

“Glad to be back, I missed you, Haru and Rin. I’m sorry that this took me awhile. I do have an assignment for him. Are you going later?”

Iris replied with an “mhm” while Sakaki went to the drawer to take out an envelope. Before handing it over to Iris, he looked out the window sensing something out of the ordinary.

“Something’s outside.”

“Oh, it’s probably just Howard and Elizabeth. They are downstairs reporting to mom.”

“I see,” handing over the envelope containing the assignment for Alfred, the person Iris is intending to meet for help later. “Now, let me rest before the twins and the children come back from school. I’ve been traveling all night and I’m utterly exhausted.”

Back to bed, Sakkaki went.

Exiting the house, Iris noticed that Kasper was hiding behind the bush. Looks like he isn’t hiding well enough as he could be seen right from the front gate.

Is he even trying?

“Kasper! Follow me! You’re one of the victims of the banshee, so I’ll need your help!” she insisted. Kasper, on the other hand, couldn’t decline the request as he was forcibly pulled along. Her presence and charisma are so overwhelming that he had no choice but to go along with her.

Sigh, when would her antics end? He thought.