“Please, continue,” Karen said after Iris had went upstairs to harass her father.

Karen, Howard and Elizabeth were in the middle of a discussion when Iris had budged loudly into the house, worrying if something had happened her mother and sisters while she was in school. Her family is everything to her, she loved them.

In fact, the reason she was able to conjure a Will and become a Karma was so that she can protect them. Her Will was made to protect what she loved – an impenetrable shield. A shield that should not exist as nothing can be impenetrable; a conceptual weapon. The most powerful Wills to ever exist, and one of them belongs to Iris.

“Righty, the new trainees, all in fact, will be able to participate in the coming Karmic Trials. Your daughter is of course, participating, hopefully. I went around checking up on them, and holy smokes, they are going through tough training for this.” Howard remembered where he stopped and continued, “Their mastery over their own Wills are pretty spot on. Of course, there will be a few who aren’t meant to fight on the front lines. When is Iris gonna hand in her participation form?”

“She hasn’t sent it? Man, I should go to headquarters every once in a while, to check. Well, I think she’s still thinking things through, give her some time. Any more news?”

“That’s all for-“

“Ah! I remembered!” Elisabeth shoved Howard’s conversation aside and interrupted, “We stopped receiving periodical updates from Arthur. We don’t know where he is or what he is doing.”

“Arthur Nebula? One of the five users of a conceptual weapon that is still alive?”

“Yes, him. He was supposed to give us an update a week ago, but nothing came. An investigation was conducted by Eva’s division in the West and nothing came up yet.”

Arthur Nebula wields a conceptual weapon named Scale. It is a sword that has unlimited range. A weapon that is the very contradiction of itself as a sword is a close-range weapon. A close-range weapon having unlimited range would mean that it is not a sword, but the Will took on the form of one.

For a conceptual weapons user to go missing would mean that the overall fighting prowess of the Karmic Harmony would go down a peg. And it is no laughing matter – conceptual weapons are the most powerful Wills to ever exist, the number of individuals who possesses it who are still alive can be counted on one hand. Loosing one would be akin to losing a sizeable portion of an army, sizeable enough to make a dent in manpower.

It’s impossible to know what had happened, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. I will need to head to the Karmic Harmony headquarters soon too. I need to explain this to Iris. She might be in danger. Should I bring her along? Or should she continue to stay for a while longer. She is one of the five and she needs to be there. Ahhh, fine, she has school and I don’t want her to skip it. I’ll ask Sakakki to watch out, Karen thought to herself.

“Send word to every conceptual weapon wielder to make haste to the Karmic Harmony headquarters. I will see to the results of the investigation myself and I’ll tell Iris what is happening,” she declared after thinking it through.