Wills are weapons manifested from the human consciousness tailored specifically to exterminate demons. They are weapons that are conjured from an individual’s will to complete a task, hence the name and one of the ways to obtain one would be for an individual to have an agenda, say to enact revenge for a loved one when he or she was slaughtered by a demon or some indirect involvement of one. Another would be to have someone else pass their Will onto another through intense training and mutual understanding and acceptance.

What happens when one who did not get a Will through one of those methods? Will he or she be able to properly use it? Or will the individual get rejected? Well, it is a simple question to answer. Balance applies to everything; abilities, magic and even Wills. Balancing in magic involves the use of precious stones as a medium, the rarer and valuable it is, the more powerful spells can be cast using it and the effects will last longer. For Wills, on the other hand, the mechanics surrounding it are more delicate. Firstly, for every positive point for a Will, there will always be a negative, for example, Karen’s haori that was given to her by her late biological mother – it gives its’ wielder immense strength and protection, however, the wielder is only protected against slashes and stabs from sharp objects and not anything blunt and the area it protects only applies to the torso and arms as those are the only area covered by the clothing. Secondly, the individual may have the most powerful weapon from their imaginations, but at the risk of their lives on the field of battle. And lastly, no one else can use it unless they had gone through intense training and more importantly, have a mutual understanding of each other’s motivations and wills.

But that didn’t answer the question - what would happen if an individual who has no prior training or had not had not understood the original architect wield a Will, or to simply just hold one in their hands? The Will will reject the wielder as the wills and motivations of the current holder do not sync up with the original architect. Their soul would be consumed by the Will, and their bodies will be warped beyond recognition. What’s left is a shell of a former human, devoid of any emotions, thoughts or consciousness, enraged as its soul is tormented and its body manipulated by the Will, giving off a deadly, spiteful dark aura that is so powerful that it could be seen with the naked eye – it is a demon known as a Shade.

This knowledge is ubiquitous, all Karma knows of it. However, despite the consequences, Karen stood still, as if time as stopped, holding a dagger – a Will that is not hers, nor was it passed onto to her – with nothing happening, none of the consequences stated had applied to her. She is still a regular human. Right in front of her stood a Shade the size of a teenage boy. Realising what she had done, she leaped a few steps back towards Sakaki. She had snatched the dagger away from the Shade.

Confounded by the event that had transpired, Sakaki forced her to drop the dagger and reprimanded her, “Are you dumb?! That is risky! What if something similar had happened to you? What if you turned into a Shade? Have you thought about how Iris and I would have felt? And obviously, I would have to take on two Shades!”

But how did they encounter a Shade in the first place? The events can be traced to a few days back when Karen, Sakaki and Iris had arrived at the town of Yukari, bordering between the Eastern and Central region which is a desert flatland.

“E-e-e-e-e-Elizabeth…” Sakaki cursed under his tongue.

Entering the town, they encountered the duo consisting of Elizabeth Feldt and Howard Rheinmetall as well as a lone Karma Arthur Nebula who wields a special Will.

Seeing an old friend that she had travelled with before and had subsequently separated ways, Elizabeth hugged his left arm and shouted, “Sa-ka-ki! I knew Karen would bring you here!”

Ehh…, Karen thought to herself in a condescending tone as if she had been betrayed.