The first night in the town of Yukari, Howard, Elizabeth, and the travelling group went to dinner together and they clarified that the grave that was dug back in the chimera attack in Chisa belonged to a Karma, and in it is supposed to be a body and a sealed metal case containing a Will. The unknown pried the case open and took the Will but left the body untouched.

“From my analysis, the chimeras that Fuyutsuki reported to the Karmic Harmony many years back have similar traits to the ones we have encountered. Hence, we can assume that the unknown you and Howard fought is the perpetrator,” Elizabeth concluded.

He’s coming back then. Should I tell her that we also interacted in Temp Pines? Wha- Karen was deep in thought when Sakaki nudged her in the shoulders signalling that he knew what was on her mind. Relieved that someone understood her and had her back, she took a deep breath and decided to be open about the events that she had experienced.

“… I see, so he has the power to control demons…?”

“Unbelievable, I can’t imagine magic doing such a thing,” Howard added.

“He was just able to make it talk, and apparently it is a magic with very high cost as it didn’t last for long,” Karen answered.

“That is still a level of mastery that very few can achieve. There is also that giant flying creature that the unknown was riding on back in Chisa, as well as the more frequent chimera attacks. One of the casualties in the attack a few days ago is a Karma as well. His body was mangled and taken away. His Will is now in a transporting case guarded by Arthur Nebula.”

Arthur Nebula. If I recall correctly, he was one of the five known Karma who wields a conceptual weapon. When I introduce Iris to the Karmic Council, she will be the sixth known individual. Still, I can’t remember what his Will is, Karen tried to recall, still, there are still only five wielders of a conceptual weapon alive right now. The one who is dead is…

“… Dad.”

“What?”, three other persons around the table looked towards her. Iris was busy sipping her soup to notice.

Karen’s face grew red as she had let her thoughts out by accident. But with them looking at her with silent judgment, she was cornered, well looks like I have to say what I thought.

“Uh… What I meant was, my late mom and dad were victims of the chimera attacks too. Fuyutsuki buried my mom’s body, but my dad was never found, including his Will – both my parents were Karma. And my dad? His Will is a conceptual weapon as well, albeit more of a supportive type. Do you think that the unknown is collecting Wills? Maybe for something?”

A reasonable hypothesis, but is it correct? Karen chose to look at the perspective where Wills were taken instead of looking through the common plane of thought which focused on the chimeras.

“But what for-“

Screams are heard as she was cut off from finishing her sentence.

“They’re back!” Elizabeth hurried to collect her Will.