“But he’s just a kid!” Karen argued.

“He is no longer a kid, he’s a demon now,” Arthur rebutted as he thrusts his Zweihänder towards the Shade.

The main group now consisting of Karen, Sakaki, Iris, Arthur and Howard’s Will, distanced themselves from the Shade after the figure had excused himself saying that it rather not deal with a cursed individual. They are in no way at sword-fighting distance, so why did Arthur thrust his sword towards the demon? His weapon is classified as a conceptual weapon, meaning the true power of the Will betrays the expectations of what everyone thinks it will do.

The top half of Arthur’s Zweihänder shot forth with great speed and stabbed into the Shade’s solar plexus and with great force, pushes the demon backwards and slammed it into the wall of a nearby building, lifting dust and dirt into the air where it collided.

“Elizabeth!” he shouted.

At the rooftop of the building further away, Elizabeth heard the call. She nocked an arrow tipped with a crystal rigged with an explosive spell. The tension of her longbow tightened, and she let go, sending the arrow in the direction of the building where the Shade had collided with.

The arrow reached its target spot-on and created a magnificent explosion that rocked the ground and kicked more dust into the surrounding.

He’s just… A kid…He’s afraid…

“Karen…” Sakaki whispered.

“There is too much dust impairing our vision. Get clear of the ar-“ Arthur’s voice was cut off as he was squared in the face by the swift demon. His body flipped through the air and landed a few meters away outside of the dust cloud.

“Damn, it recovered faster than we thought! Karen!”

Reacting to Sakaki, Karen told Iris, “This is a mess now, run out of the dust cloud and to big sis Elizabeth, okay?”

The four-year-old girl being smart, understood what Karen meant and nodded, “be safe, mommy!”

She ran as quickly as her legs could carry her and made it outside the smoke. She could hear exchanges of blows within, but she couldn’t look back. She had to keep herself safe to make her poor adoptive mother worry less.

But, the hope of doing that shattered when Sakaki was thrown out of the dust cloud and landed in front of her.

“That hurt,” he said.

The girl finally looked back as the dust finally begins to settle and her tiny heart stopped when she saw the demon holding her mother by the head.