The girl finally looked back as the dust finally begins to settle and her tiny heart stopped when she saw the demon holding her mother by the head.
Iris bit her lips. Her emotions on what is transpiring is welled up inside her. Though what she is feeling may be exaggerated as she is still a child, she is unmistakably angry and afraid – angry at the demon for doing harm to the person she had come to accept as her guardian and adoptive mother and who she loved with all her being. Afraid of what harm might come of her, the fear of being all alone again.
She felt a stinging sensation on the place where she had bit her lips, which prompted her to recover from her thoughts. Still, she had to think things through. What could she do? How can she help? To which nothing came up. Instead, she darted to where Sakaki had landed and adorably pulled him by his collar back up on his feet.
Seeing that the girl was showing a concerned face that has almost broken down to tears, Sakaki patted Iris on the head and said, “Don’t worry, this is all part of the plan. Frankly, I didn’t want to approve it, but she learned some bad habits while I was gone. She did it in Temp Pines too, but I thought she was just acting rash at the time.”
Whatever could that mean? Iris thought as she tilted her head.
“Look at the demon’s feet.”
She squinted her eyes as small as it could, and her vision focused on an object that is stuck on the ground – it was holding the demon in place. The creature could no longer move its feet freely.
“She kept her fans too. She had planned the events out, knowing that when I would be here, you would look back. She wanted to show you how dangerous a demon truly is and how her true fighting style is like.”

Peeking through the fingers that are continuously tightening on her head, she spotted Sakaki’s Will the stabbed into the creature’s feet, which allowed the creature to only have a minimal range of foot movement.
Good, the plan is a go. He might be angry at me for doing things unexpectedly and rashly, but I need to show her how I fight. Arthur is also right, this demon might be a kid, he is still a demon who is cursed by a Will. This might be an unfortunate turn of events, but it is our job to handle these situations. Steady breaths, steady breaths.

Readying herself with that thought, she grabbed the demon’s wrist and with the strength granted to her by her haori, twisting it and breaking its joint. The demon screamed at the top of its lungs in pain as it could no longer exert force on its hand.
The creature then swung its other arm towards its opponent but alas, it couldn’t meet its target. Karen had reacted appropriately by grabbing and in a smooth motion, using her legs to break it.

Without functioning arms, and with one of its legs stuck, it then bared its teeth at her.
This is where Sakaki would get angry at me, she avoided a bite that was coming at her and got a hold of the creature’s neck. She reached out to the sword that was sticking into the ground, holding one of the demon’s legs in place and pulled it out.
“I’m sorry,” she whispered and pushed the blade straight into the demon’s chest. Blood gushes forth and drips down the blade. The creature slumped over and breathed its last breath.