The fight is over, the Shade is defeated, and the featureless creature is nowhere to be seen. So why is Karen being told to stay where she is and drop Sakaki’s Will? Well, for one, she had held two Wills that does not belong to her in a span of a few minutes. Second, they are skeptical about her condition of whether she will be cursed.

However, as minutes ticked by, the tension surrounding the area eventually subsided. The group heaved a heavy sigh.

“Mind bogglin’, this is absurd,” Howard arrived at the scene and broke the silence, “Do you know what’s happening, Arthur?”

“… No. Elizabeth?”

“Nope, can’t read what’s on her mind.”

They shrugged simultaneously.

What is this? A comedy routine?

Sakaki piped in his thoughts as a light bulb figuratively appeared above his head, “You know, Karen? Do you remember why Fuji constantly asks if you have remembered a dream? I think it has something to do with that is happening.”

Fuyutsuki Fuji, Karen’s adoptive mother and mentor, questions her about a dream she had on the day she was saved from the burning village. Unfortunately, she could never recall as she had the memories of events up to that point in her life repressed. It was an unconscious decision due to experiencing severe trauma as a child. As a result, she could not remember how her biological parents looked like and how life was before Fuji. The only possession she had of her previous life was the haori that was given to her from her mother.

“That is true, I had a feeling that it’s a question that would’ve helped me a lot if it were answered, but she chose to remain vague…” Karen held her head, trying to recall what her dream was but like every time she tried, failed to.

“Perhaps the council knows of this phenomenon.” Arthur gave an assured response, “since you’re bringing Iris to meet the council, you should ask about yourself too.”

A laugh resonated in an alleyway between the buildings in response to what Arthur had said.

“Huahashdasdhauha. The council did get warned of missy’s power by none other than Fuji herself! You weren’t there yourselfdfsff!” a figure stepped forth from the shadows revealing a slim man with shark-like teeth clad in nothing but tight, black fabric.

Performing a curt bow, he greeted the group as he licks his lips, “greetings.”

A person clad in black attire, appearing before a group of Karma. Elizabeth realized who he was and whispered to Howard, old man, is he who I think he is? He doesn’t look sane to me though.

Howard nodded.

Sigh, guys, this is Bisque Kyt. A conceptual weapons user from the Karmic Harmony council.”

A councilman on the frontlines himself. Based on the actions Bisque Kyt had taken, many would assume that he is clinically insane. From the way he speaks, the way he walks, even the way he monologues to himself when he fights.


With the girl hiding behind her, Karen thought, yep, he is definitely, absolutely scary alright, and said, “Mr councilman, what can we do for you?”

Bisque Kyt jerked his neck in an unnatural and artificial way, like how a puppet on a string moves, “Ssss Howard, Elizabeth and Arthur are to clear any straggling machinations from that featureless figure. Kekekekeakkasda while you three, Karen, Sakaki and that teeny-weeny girl there will be escorted to the Karmic Harmony council immediately, lohushahaha!”