The gang reunites to begin their journey to the Karmic Harmony Headquarters.

Onward Part 3

“So, how did it go?” Karen inquired about Sakakki about tailing Iris.

“Well, she wandered around randomly and eventually stumbled upon a waterfall and stayed there for awhile playing.” He answered.

“Hmm, a waterfall, huh? That’s quite a way away. I suppose she knows her directions well since she explored around in

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Onward Part 2

After Karen requested that Sakakki teach Iris on the appropriate ways to control her own Will, she proceeded to prepare for lunch as noon is soon upon them.

Sakakki hadn’t known about Iris’ Will, so he had her project it to gauge her current mastery of it, however little. Why couldn’t

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Onward Part 1

After the events that happened in the outskirts of Chisa, Elizabeth and Howard wanted to bring Iris to the Karmic Harmony council immediately as she had conceived of a special will; a conceptual weapon. A conceptual weapon is a classification of Will that outranks every other. The very creation of

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